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Home » Fans: Enzo Calzaghe deserved 80,000 tribute not empty Wembley

Fans: Enzo Calzaghe deserved 80,000 tribute not empty Wembley

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The decision to hold a ten bell count for the recently departed Enzo Calzaghe to a largely empty stadium has been criticised by fans.

Responding to Sky Sports Boxing’s post on the Wembley Stadium tribute, lead by David Diamante, the vast majority of those who witnessed it hope a second can be staged to a full venue.

Calzaghe was honored during the undercard to Anthony Joshua’s world heavyweight title bout with Alexander Povetkin. Most believe the timing was wrong and Enzo’s homage should have been done pre-main event.

Sadly, most of the 80,000 capacity were in the bar or on their way to the arena as Enzo was remembered.

Taking to social media, plenty want more to be done for Enzo.

Here’s just a selection of the comments:

“Place was empty. Well done for tribute but should have been done before AJ,” said one.


“Shocking to do it then when it was not that many fans in there,” griped another.


“This should’ve been done with a FULL stadium! Poor really. He deserved the full capacity not just the staff just before the main event would’ve been perfect.”


“Why so early in the evening with five people and their dogs watching? It should’ve been before the Joshua fight. Lack of respect if you ask me.”


“Disgraceful this isn’t done by (Michael) Buffer just before AJ comes on the stadium is empty!”


“Personally, they should’ve done the tribute just before the Joshua/Povetkin fight as it wasn’t seen by as many as it could’ve been. He will be missed and will leave a big hole in the industry. I don’t use the word Legend often but that man was definitely one of them!”


“Too early in proceedings for such an important tribute. Needs to be repeated later when the stadium is full.”


Traditional ten bells sounded to an almost empty stadium!! What was the reason behind it not being before the main event? P*** poor!”


Enzo died at the age of 69 following an illness. The Welshman guided son Joe to an amazing 46-0 record during a Hall of Fame career.

Son Joe, obviously heartbroken, recently posted a touching tribute of his own to Enzo.