Derry Mathews Jr. fights on MTK Global Amateur show

RINGSIDE 24/09/2018

The young stars of MTK Global Amateurs and Kirkby ABC fought out some impressive bouts at Liverpool’s Cunard Building on Saturday night at a fundraiser for the MTK Foundation and Blossom Hill.

Plenty of future contenders showcased their potential in front of a packed house which included experts such as MTK Liverpool head Derry Mathews, MTK Manchester head Johnney Roye and MTK Global Scout Tom Stalker.

Mathews, whose son Derry Jr boxed on the night, said: “I was pleased with his performance. He did what we’ve been working on in the gym. It’s down to him how far he can go.

“All the boxers – from Kirkby ABC and from our club – performed brilliantly and it was a great night that’s hopefully raised a lot of money for good causes.

“My aim is to build the future, get them to a certain age and a certain level and then put them into MTK Global’s hands.”

Stalker said: “It was a brilliant night. Amateur boxing has always been my love so there’s nothing better for me than to be supporting our next generation so they can perform at their highest levels.

“I’d like to say a big personal thank you to Peter from Kirkby ABC, without whom the show couldn’t have run anything like as well as it did, so well done to him. Hopefully, the whole event raised some good money for the two charities.”

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