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Tyson Fury says public being robbed of Anthony Joshua fight

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Tyson Fury has accused Eddie Hearn and Sky bosses of blocking a British mega-fight with Anthony Joshua.

Taking to social media as Joshua defeated Alexander Povetkin despite a first-round broken nose, Fury was sure he was destined to miss out on a title shot at the Watford man.

“I have to say the saddest thing ever the British fight fans will never get to see Fury vs. Joshua. That’s a crying shame!

“It’s the biggest British fight in the history of boxing in Britain, but Sky and Matchroom have robbed the paying public again. Ask yourself why don’t they want this?”

In a video post, Fury added Joshua’s performance and obvious frailties mean he’ll never agree to fight him.

“Tonight is proof that I’m fighting the best heavyweight out there in Deontay Wilder,” he said. “It’s clear that AJ will never fight me. I’ve never seen a bigger bum in my life.”

In the post-fight press conference, Hearn himself was less than complimentary about Fury, having made no initial mention of AJ facing him in April.

“I don’t want to be disrespectful, but Tyson Fury is the most unentertaining fighter I’ve ever seen,” said Hearn to the media.

“He’s never been in a good fight in his whole career, apart from (ex-cruiserweight world champion, Steve) Cunningham, where he got knocked down.

“Deontay Wilder against Anthony Joshua is the biggest fight in world boxing, and stylistically it is the most exciting match-up you could make in boxing,” he added.


Wilder must come through Fury on December 1 to push for an undisputed unification, which co-manager Shelly Finkel told WBN he’s willing to negotiate next month.

“If your father wants to meet on October 6th or 7th in New York, I’d be glad to. But it’s a waste of time if we don’t have a real offer,” Finkel exclusively told World Boxing News.

“For Eddie to say all these other things, they are just not real. The truth is, they have sent me letters (emails), and I’ve responded each time.

“I even responded this week to their letter (email) on Friday. If needed, I will produce it.

“If they really want to fight Deontay Wilder, respond to it will a real offer. Otherwise, don’t keep saying you haven’t heard anything, or we’ll show it.

“The problem with Eddie is he can’t get his story straight. He sends us a letter (email), we respond, and then he says he’s had no contact in the media.

“I’m I have proof he has contact with us, so why say that?”