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Home » EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Rhodes says Khan v Brook has to happen now

EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Rhodes says Khan v Brook has to happen now

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British boxing will feel robbed if Amir Khan vs. Kell Brook doesn’t happen, says Ryan Rhodes.

The huge signing of Khan to the Matchroom Boxing stable earlier this year seemed to prepare fans for the blockbuster all-British fight with Kell Brook.

Two comeback fights later, and Manny Pacquiao’s name looms over a potential clash.

When asked about Khan and the realistic chances of it happening this year, Brook’s friend Rhodes exclusively told World Boxing News: “I’d love to see that fight. I think it will be a shame for British boxing if this fight doesn’t happen.

“I think Spencer Fearon hit the nail on the head that the British public will feel robbed if this fight doesn’t happen.”

WBA welterweight champion Manny Pacqauio is an option for either Khan or Brook. But the former seems most likely the Filipino will fight Floyd Mayweather again.

“I know Amir Khan is after the Manny Pacquiao fight. Thats because it’s worth more as a global fight which he probably is right about,” he stated. “If that fight doesn’t happen and then he doesn’t fight Kell Brook what excuse is he gonna say, what is he going to say after this?”

Khan and Brook have a long history dating back to their amateur days. In the professional ranks as their stocks grew so did the idea of the two meeting one day.

Well into their careers now and having some big fights under their belts, it might be the best time for the two to meet.

“Kell has two massive fight defeats to GGG and Errol Spence Jr. Khan had that big Canelo knockout and then didn’t fight for two years. He’s had two comeback fights, it makes sense for this fight to happen now.”

Another loss on either’s record could drop the interest of the fight. It has already for some boxing fans, although the fight itself would still do huge numbers.

Rhodes said: “If either of them get beat one more time, no one is going to be bothered about that fight.

“If it wasn’t to happen two or three years ago when they were in their peak, and their highest in boxing. If it doesn’t happen now and one of them gets beat the fight will be worth nothing.”


Khan easily outpointed Samuel Vargas in his last outing on 8th September. The bout recorded the biggest live UK audience for subscription TV in boxing history.

“I only changed my mind after the weekend’s performance by Amir Khan, I know he said he underestimated him, he probably overlooked Samuel Vargas. I can only see one winner and it has to be Kell Brook.”

The fight, should it take place will favourably be in the 147 pounds division. Enforcing the fight, Brook was instructed by promoter Eddie Hearn to be ready to make weight should it go ahead.

“If Khan tries to get the fight down to welterweight. And Kell himself has said that he will come down to welterweight to do that fight, it is playing into Khan’s favour if he does that.

“I can only see one winner and Kell would knock Khan out. That’s my honest opinion, I’ve rated Amir Khan over the years with his speed and the way he boxes.

“He doesn’t dodge anybody and I’m not saying he’s gonna dodge Kell or he’s scared to fight Kell. What I am saying is I think he is scared of losing to Kell, that’s the thing.”


“He’s proved that you don’t shy away from challenges and fight your Maidanas and your Canelos. Fights like those you’re not shy to fight but Khan lives 45 minutes on the motorway away from Kell.

“It’s probably about bragging rights in this fight, Khan would not like to lose to Kell,” the former European champion concluded.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller