Dave Coldwell signs cruiserweight Callum Beardow

RINGSIDE 18/09/2018

Dave Coldwell bolstered his management stable recently with the signing of Sheffield cruiserweight, Callum Beardow.

After providing stacks of title opportunities for a number of fighters including Jamie McDonnell and Jordan Gill, Coldwell’s relentless industry made him stand out for Beardow and the former decorated amateur is raring to get to work with Coldwell guiding his journey towards professional titles.

“It was a simple decision for me,” buzzed Beardow, a hint of excitement evident in his voice as he embarks on a fresh crusade. “I’ve seen first-hand the type of fights that Dave has got for his fighters and it’s not just titles he brings for his lads, it’s exposure and the right fights at the right time too. I speak to Jordan Gill quite a bit and we get on really well and once he explained how hard work Dave had worked for him then it was an easy decision to make. I want to be a fighter who’s fighting for titles on big nights and I think Dave can contribute in a big way to get me there.”

Frequently ignored by international selectors despite boasting wealth of vest experience, Beardow’s dream to represent his country on the biggest stage appeared out of reach and so it was onto a fresh adventure. Trained by Brendan Warburton in Sheffield, Beardow is currently developing the necessary skills to excel as a professional and Coldwell is excited by what his latest signing has to offer.

“He’s a top kid who has the right attitude and I’m looking forward to working with him and I’m equally looking forward to trying my best to taking him to where I believe his talent and potential can go. He’s done quite a lot as an amateur and has quite a few honours attached to his name, but he wants to have a go at the professional side now and I’m delighted he’s asked me to come on board and advise him of what’s best. We get on really great so far and his hunger is really impressive. It’s going to be an exciting few years watching him do what he does best.”