Review: What’s next for Amir Khan following Samuel Vargas win?

World Boxing News 17/09/2018

Lawrence Lustig

Former world champion Amir Khan made his second appearance in the ring after two years on Saturday 8th September as he came up against Samuel Vargas.

The boxing match took place in Birmingham and had fans on the edge of their seats as they watched the two boxers fight a good fight. Amir Khan came out the winner in the end, despite odds not looking good for him at one point.

Here, we are going to do a match review in order to help you understand what went down. Make sure to keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

About The Boxers

Amir Khan is a 31 year old British boxer from Bolton. He has previously held the title of World Champion in his sport and has proven himself time after time. After taking a break of two years from the sport, he is back and ready to prove he has what it takes. Khan is taking on Canadian-Columbian boxer Samuel Vargas. Vargas is 29 years old and has previously won 29 out of 33 fights. Vargas is tough competition for Khan, so this match had boxing fans excited to see what would happen.


This boxing match was very tense as Khan was able to display his amazing speed that knocked Vargas to the floor twice. Khan appeared to be dominating until a surprise blow saw him floored by Vargas.

Vargas also put on a good show as he tried to test Khan throughout the match. Overall, the scores showed as 119-108, 119-109 and 118-110, resulting in Khan winning the match and securing a deserving victory.

It didn’t take long for Khan to get back into the swing of things after he received a good welcome from the crowd in the audience. The opening round was lively and had the audience gripped from the very beginning. One impressive combination from Khan took its toll on Vargas as he took a tumble. He was then hit by a vicious right which flattened him thanks to Khan.

After Khan’s first match back in the ring, he seemed set to have a victory in this one. Sports betting fans could be forgiven for placing all of their money on him, especially as he threw some punches that floored Vargas. Of course, it was not as easy as that and sports betting sites might have started to doubt the odds that they put on Khan as the match progressed.

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Fans watched on as Khan stepped up and came for Vargas, only to be hit by a right which knocked him right down. Khan was shocked as were fans at home and in the audience as they saw this vulnerability from the previous world champion. As it looked like Vargas might have a shot, Khan stumbled back towards his corner and took a minute to come back and start fighting again.

Khan came for Vargas and hit him again with a right punch. It could be seen that Khan was being cautious in the follow up and Vargas attempted to recover from the punch. Khan was back, and he had pulled himself off the canvas.

Fans watched carefully as Khan came back fighting and showed off the skills that he is well known for. He circled Vargas and improved his pace so much that the following rounds were in his favour. His new trainer Joe Goossen had given him advice on how to improve on the previous mistakes that he had made, and he showed no sign of slowing down any time soon.

What Can We Take From This?

Khan may have won this fight, but it is fair to say that Vargas gave him a run for his money. This match was not as smooth as the previous one and Khan made some big mistakes that almost cost him the match. What we can see is that he was able to bring himself back and improve in the next rounds despite hitting the canvas. Boxing fans should be confident in Khan’s ability and skill but cautious of how vulnerable he is when making his punches.

What’s Next For Khan?

Since this fight, Eddie Hearn, the promotor of Khan and Kell Brook has said that he is hoping for a showdown between these two world class boxers. He has been noted to have said ‘its now or never’ which indicates that he is going to try to organise this fight in the near future. Also, on the cards for Khan and his next match is Manny Pacquiao who would provide him with a good fight. Khan seems keen to come up against Pacquiao, but Hearn believes that he has to fight Kell Brook in his next fight or he won’t ever get another chance.

Both options would be a great move in the career of Khan and if he could manage to beat either of them, people would come together to support the British boxer. Who knows who he will come up against but if his promoter has anything to do with it, he is going to be fighting Brook in the next big fight.

Final Thoughts

Khan is a world class boxer who has shown his strength over the years. His comeback is proving to be a good one and he is beating some well-respected boxers. His weaknesses are something which he can carefully work on to improve in the future and he should be able to beat his next opponents if he spends enough time training. It is important that he thinks carefully about his next match as he might miss the opportunity to fight Kell Brook. We are unsure what route he will take but we are sure that Amir Khan is back and ready to fight for his reputation in the boxing world.

Make sure to keep up to date with the latest boxing matches and place your bets on who you think is going to win.

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