No coincidence as Mayweather bids to overshadow GGG v Canelo 2 with Pacquiao announcement

Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather is the master of drumming up Pay-Per-View business and didn’t fail once gain today with rematch claims.

The 41 year-old chose the day of his former rival Canelo Alvarez facing Gennady Golovkin again to steal the limelight.

Canelo’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya must be seething as Mayweather states he will face Pacquiao again, potentially in December.

Three years ago, fans felt short-changed as Mayweather and Pacquiao traded blows in Las Vegas, five years on from when the fight should have taken place.

The contest at the T-Mobile Arena still made 4.6m PPV buys though and remains the most lucrative paid platform encounter of all time.

Using his awesome business savvy, Mayweather knows putting plans in place whilst another huge PPV is on the minds of boxing punters makes sense.

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Even if ‘MayPac 2’ made half the purchases it did last time out, it would still top every other all-boxing PPV since 2007.

Back then, Mayweather fought Ricky Hatton in an undisputed battle that heralded 2.4m buys.

All this is dependent on what facts you believe. Report are now surfacing that Mayweather versus Conor McGregor did a total 6m, whilst MayPac managed 5.8m.

This is with the numbers updated in the last six months, whilst original figures stood at 4.4m (MayMac) and 200k more for Pacquiao.

Floyd Mayweather’s PPV numbers since 2007:

May 2007 – Oscar De La Hoya 2,45m
Dec 2007 – Ricky Hatton 2,4m
Sept 2009 – Juan Manuel Márquez 1.06m
May 2010 – Shane Mosley 1,4m
Sept 2011 – Victor Ortiz 1,25m
May 2012 – Miguel Cotto 1,5m
Sept 2013 – Canelo Álvarez 2,2m
May 2015 – Manny Pacquiao  4.6 (or 5,8m)
August 2017 – Conor McGregor 4.4m (or 6m)

The rematch between Canelo and Golovkin is expected to hit close to 2m views on HBO PPV this Saturday night. Their initial meeting took 1.3m.

Above all, stats show Mayweather remains the king of making money in the sport, even at 41.

Should the Pacquiao rumors become truth, who would bet against Mayweather taking home another nine-figure paycheck.