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Home » Gennady Golovkin claims Canelo ‘had injection marks all over his body’

Gennady Golovkin claims Canelo ‘had injection marks all over his body’

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Middleweight king Gennady Golovkin has accused forthcoming opponent Canelo Alvarez of having injection marks prior to his suspension for Clenbuterol.

Golovkin is preparing to battle Canelo for a second time this weekend following a controversial draw one year ago.

The Kazakh puncher hasn’t been his usual cheerful self in the build-up. Golovkin has constantly been asked to address Canelo’s six-month suspension for a positive.

Initially set to meet on May 5, as a result, Golovkin was forced to wait four months and is obviously irate.

Speaking to reporters in the build-up, Golovkin has now gone one further.

“You can’t deny there were some injection marks (on Canelo),” said Golovkin.

“On his arms, there were some injection marks. I don’t know what it was but the injection marks were evidently there.

“(They were) everywhere, his biceps, his stomach, and pretty much everywhere.

“All over his body, you can see the injection marks. People showed me photographs and in the paragraphs were injection marks,” he added.

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Trainer Abel Sanchez was asked if Golovkin was angry at Canelo’s actions,” said Sanchez.

“No, he’s not angry. He’s not angry. He’s got a purpose in the gym and he’s got a purpose for what he wants to do inside the ring.

“Canelo has done some things that Gennady feels he needs to pay for and he’ll do that in the ring.

“In the gym, it’s just another day of training . He’s the same guy that he was before. He trains hard.

“Just his mentality to this fight seems to be very, very focused on trying to punish Canelo — as he was when he fought Curtis Stevens.

“They keep accusing us of insulting them, and all we’re doing is telling the truth.

“All we’re doing is telling you what is happening as we see it, as it’s being reported, so he’s the one that tested positive, he’s the one that the consequences for what happened on May the 5th and who we had to fight and what was done, he’s the one that created that.

“It wasn’t us. And to continue to sweep it under the rug and to continue to not acknowledge the fact that you have screwed up is why this keeps going.”

Golovkin has the chance to put his feud with Canelo to bed for good at the T-Mobile Arena on Saturday night.

A victory for ‘GGG’ could then lead to a run at 168 pounds in a bid to further enhance his legacy.