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Home » EXCLUSIVE: ‘I don’t think anyone will agree with me!’ Ex-GGG promoter Rodney Berman makes honest prediction for Canelo rematch

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I don’t think anyone will agree with me!’ Ex-GGG promoter Rodney Berman makes honest prediction for Canelo rematch

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Berman made no hidden fact that he took pleasure working with the middleweight champion, as he told WBN ahead of Golovkin v Canelo 2 fight week.

“Let me tell you that the whole camp and Golovkin as well himself is probably the nicest fighter I have ever encountered in 40 years,” Berman exclusively told World Boxing News.

“With what he’s achieved and his general attitude, no big deal, he’s always smiling and always accommodating to whatever you need.

“He’s guided by Tom Loeffler who is also a gentleman, so it’s always been a pleasure dealing with them. In fact, in my career I would rate him as the best fighter I had the privilege of promoting.

“We’ve had a few really good fighters now under our wing, Shane Mosely and the list goes on.”

Golovkin has the biggest fight of his career again on the 15th September when he faces rival Canelo for the second time since their draw in September last year.

When asked by WBN about the fight, Berman let out a sigh to say: “Regrettably, if my heart was in it Golovkin would win the fight, but from what I saw in Golovkin five or six years ago in Monte Carlo and in his last fight – time is definitely catching up with him.

“I, unfortunately, think Canelo is going to take this fight on points and possibly a late stoppage, I don’t think anybody would agree with me.”

Berman’s extensive boxing promoting career has given him insight valued by many involved in the sport. He revealed how this works for him.

“I’m not a trainer, but having been around for so long a promoter starts seeing things which may be the camp is blind to and the press is blind to.

“I hope I’m wrong and I would love nothing more than Golovkin to win, but as I say seeing his last fight or two, it’s definitely not the Golovkin that I saw five years ago.”

Canelo was notoriously recognized earlier this year after failing a drugs test in the lead up to the original May 5th scheduled rematch.

Speaking further on his prediction of Canelo to win, when asked if it plays a part in the rematch, Berman replied: “No, I don’t think so. The press tends to make it more of a thing than it is but I doubt it will have any bearing on the fight itself.”

Canelo failed his drugs test for the banned substance Clenbuterol and claiming it was due to contaminated meat. Clenbuterol and PEDs are becoming common in the sport of boxing and Berman states its hard to notice it.

“No I didn’t see it coming, to be honest, I didn’t follow it deeply and there’s so many sportsmen today who are taking banned substances which are very borderline.

“It’s more the rule and the norm now, you hardly notice it now, with all athletes in any sport,” he concluded.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller