Carlos Molina returns Sept 14, promotes own show featuring Carson Jones

Ringside 06/09/2018

“King” Carlos Molina announces his venture into boxing promotion with a fight card Friday, September 14 in Patzcuaro.

The show will coincide with the city’s annual Mexican Independence festival, which is a major event, drawing tourists and visitors from all over Mexico and the United States.

“Bringing a show here to my community gives locals and festival visitors a chance to enjoy boxing, which is THE sport in Mexico,” Carlos said.

In addition to promoting the show, Carlos will also headline the event in a scheduled ten round bout against Juan Jesus “Burbuja” Rivera. The card will also feature a scheduled 8 round female bout between minimum weights Maria Soledad “Sol” Vargas and Lesley “Dura” Rodriguez.

“Women’s boxing is the most exciting sport in Mexico,” Molina said, “and this bout between Maria Soledad and Lesley will be a great one. We plan to feature women’s boxing on all of our events in Patzcuaro, because we know they will have the best fights of the night!”

Also scheduled on the card are: Carson Jones vs Fernando Garcia, 8 rounds, middleweights; Johnny Navarrete vs Gonzalo Rodriguez, 8 Rounds, welterweights; females Maria Soledad “sol” Vargas vs Lesley “Dura” Rodriguez, 8 Rounds, miimum weights; Emilio Perea vs Heli Quiroz, 8 Rounds, super lightweights; and Luis Mondragon VS Alexia Jesus Medina, 6 rounds.