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Home » Floyd Mayweather COULD REMATCH Conor McGregor IN BOXING, go to 52 fights – says Floyd Sr.

Floyd Mayweather COULD REMATCH Conor McGregor IN BOXING, go to 52 fights – says Floyd Sr.

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Addressing recent social media posts exchanged by the pair at the back end of August when celebrating the one-year anniversary of their first meeting, the former fighter dropped a bombshell that Mayweather and Conor McGregor could trade blows again.

As talk of Floyd Jr. taking up MMA subsides, his dad even stated the McGregor rematch would happen in the boxing ring once again.

In August 2017, Mayweather halted McGregor in ten rounds in the second most lucrative Pay-Per-View of all time behind his 2015 bout with Manny Pacquiao.


“It seems like it’s going to be 52 (fights for Floyd),” Senior told Helen Yee Sports in the video. “They are talking like him and Conor McGregor at going to fight (again). That’s what it sounds like.

“I don’t know for sure but that’s the way its sounding right now to me. It sounds like he wants to fight again and Conor McGregor wants to fight again. 

He continued: “Even though he (Conor) doesn’t want to fight again, he’ll fight again to try and show his people what he can go, which is nothing because I’m going to make sure this time he’s stretched out – all the way out of the game.

“I’m going to make sure he doesn’t come back no more.”

Asked whether it will be boxing or MMA, Floyd Sr. replied: “I’m thinking they are going to fight the same way. It’s being talked about and it sounds like there’s a lot of interest.”


A second offering with Mayweather would potentially hinge on McGregor winning his forthcoming UFC comeback this October before talks can then turn to another spring or summer encounter in Las Vegas.

Whether similar numbers could be reached is debatable though, as ‘MayMac I’ generated over 4 million PPV buys and was a largely one-sided affair in favor of Mayweather.

McGregor looked like a fish out of water – as expected – and struggled to come to terms with fighting under boxing rules as shown by his awkward style of punching during the confrontation.

Mayweather has retired three times already during his illustrious career, although rumors of a return can never be ratified completely unless they come straight from the man himself.