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Golovkin’s coach Sanchez addresses Canelo threat in rematch

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After watching the first encounter back, which ended in a draw, Sanchez is ready to once again pit his wits against Chep and Eddy Reynoso for all the middleweight marbles.

“Canelo has got a lot more than the right-hander and uppercut. He’s an excellent fighter. But in the first fight he was able to land those, and of course we’ve reviewed the fight,” Sanchez said.

“We’ve gone over the fight. We hope that we can do a better job. But I’m sure Canelo is going to try to — Canelo and Chepo and Eddy are going to try to counter everything we do well. It’s a good fight between two very good fighters. Hopefully we get the fight that the fans expect. But yeah, of course we worked on that.

“I was surprised that he moved as much as he did. He’s fought 40-some fights in one manner and promised the fans a certain kind of fight. I think the fans expected that, and I think that’s why the fans paid for the fight.

“We knew that he was an excellent fighter. Other than the moving, nothing surprised us. I knew that he was going to be there. Of course, this fight I’m talking about knocking him out, but that’s just talking to not only pump up the fight but hopefully to get the kind of fight that we deserve.

“We’ve watched *the fight) twice, once on tape and once live. As coaches we can work on a strategy. We can work on a lot of things that we want to do in the fight, but when the fight presents itself, depending on how the opposition is fighting the fight, things can change.

“We can try to have A, B and C plans available. We work on everything in the gym just in case. But when the fight starts, the fighters, at least my fighters anyway, they’re going to do what they feel is best at that particular moment. We’ve worked on all the aspects, and hopefully they can implement what we worked on.”

On what kind of performance he expects from Golovkin, The Summit coach added: “I think that great fighters bring out the best in other great fighters.

“I think that the fans are expecting a great fight, as they expected the first time. Golovkin will do his best to make that. Hopefully Canelo comes prepared to do the same thing.”