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Home » Disappointed Dennis Hobson comments on Liam Cameron cocaine test failure

Disappointed Dennis Hobson comments on Liam Cameron cocaine test failure

After a couple of failed attempts to win the Commonwealth Super Middleweight crown, the Sheffield fighter – under the guidance of Hobson – finally scooped the middleweight version of the title by stopping local rival Sam Sheedy in eight exciting rounds in October last year, live on Freesports TV.

After knocking out Brighton’s Nicky Jenman in his first defence of the belt in April though, Cameron subsequently had his licence suspended after failing a drugs test, and the 27-year-old’s Commonwealth Title has since been declared vacant.

Liam is appealing his situation; citing his innocence and insisting that the adverse drugs result was possibly due to handling contaminated bank notes or medicine administered during a dentist visit.

“The world’s changing and drugs seem to be more accessible than ever,” said manager and promoter Hobson, in his regular Sheffield Star column. “A layman might think it farcical that just biting your nails, or whatever, might put enough cocaine in your body. I’m very disappointed. There’s only one reason he’s been stripped of his title, that’s because he’s failed a drug test.

“In law, you’re innocent until proven guilty but in the sports world, it’s the other way around. If Liam gets off I’ll be pleasantly surprised, but I’m very disappointed.

“There’s been a lot of hard work to get him the Commonwealth Title, it’s cost me money to help him get that title. I’ve lobbied the IBF to get him rated in the world rankings. It’s not my fault this has happened.

“Sometimes people look to blame others and don’t take responsibility for themselves. He needs to get his head down and defend himself as best he can. I’ve tried to talk to him about getting the best advice but apparently, he has his own legal team. Hopefully, he gets a reduction in any suspension or cleared.

“If he does get found guilty then he has to accept responsibility, live right, keep himself in the gym and hone his skills for however long he is suspended. Hopefully, though he gets exonerated because I was making moves to move him onto the world scene and start to get him paydays.”