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Home » ‘IT’S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!’ – Tyson Fury shuts down rumors over Deontay Wilder fight

‘IT’S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!’ – Tyson Fury shuts down rumors over Deontay Wilder fight

Rumors began over the weekend stating Fury wanted another warm-up fight before going up against WBC title holder Wilder in Las Vegas, although the 30 year-old was having none of it when addressing the whispers.

“Just a quick update, I’ve been reading and I’ve heard some rumors that this fight is off with me and Wilder,” said Fury on social media. “Not on my watch, it ain’t. I’m not pulling out of nothing, it’s on like Donkey Kong!

“Tyson Fury is like a king coming to America,” he added.

Fury continued: “I’m just taking some much-needed rest after a nine-month training camp but I will resume training September 1st. That will leave me nine or ten weeks to prepare. 

“I’m already fit, I’m already ready, I haven’t got any weight to lose. I’m coming for Wilder’s belt.

“I’m a big believer of when it’s your time, it’s your time. 

“My uncle always used to say if you can fight you can fight and if you can’t, don’t do it. 

“I can fight I’m going to prove I can fight by taking the most dangerous heavyweight in the world on in his backyard.”

Alongside his wife Paris, the ‘Gypsy King’ recently announced they are expecting a fifth child, meaning another mouth to feed in the Fury household.

Expecting a multi-million dollar check from the Wilder clash, and not looking too bad in a victory over Francesco Pianeta earlier this month in which the Italian-German could only land 37 punches in ten rounds, Fury could be on his usual fighting weight by November or December.

Losing some eight stone was no easy task for Fury, who looked his elusive self when pushing his record to 27-0 in Belfast.