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GGG coach Sanchez denies insulting Canelo, refuses to apologize

Golovkin and Canelo have shown clear disdain for one another as the fight week events tick by and Sanchez covered this topic in-depth recently.

“First of all, there has been no insults from our side. I have not insulted them in no way, shape or form. What I’ve said have been facts,” said Sanchez.

“I may have stated an opinion as far as me saying that he ran, but everything else is a fact. He tested positive. He is not the champion, Gennady Golovkin is the champion, was the champion going in, was the champion coming out. So everything that I’ve said has been the truth. If I’m lying about what I said, then I would need to explain it, but I have not insulted anybody. They’ve been the one with the insults.

Asked whether he would accept an apology from either Canelo or his team, Sanchez replied: “I think he’s asking me if I would apologize to them, and my answer to that is no, I would not apologize. He tested positive. Why would I apologize to somebody who tested positive?

“That he’s not tested positive since then, I have not said anything about it since then. The consequences have resulted for us and for the team and for boxing from his carelessness, so no, I wouldn’t apologize to him.

“I will make an effort. That’s what I’ll tell you. Children act like he’s acting now. Of course, I will make an effort to try to do it, but if he doesn’t want it, that’s okay. That’s the child in him.”

On the furore surrounding Canelo’s positive test and whether everything has gotten under Golovkin’s skin, Sanchez said: “I would say if there is a reason, the reason would be because they’re trying to sweep it under the rug like nothing happened. We’re not idiots. The fans are not idiots. Something happened. Yes, he was cleared by the Nevada commission, but something did happen.

“There’s consequences from that. We’re still feeling the consequences from that. That there is a middle — that we’re mad about it, of course we’re mad about it, but we have to go on and we have to fight the 15th. But the fact of the matter is those things did happen. We cannot sweep it under the rug. He did test positive, regardless of whatever reason he seems to claim. But the fact is he did.

“Emotions will never get in the way. Emotions get in the way when the questions are asked. Once they step through the ropes, once we’re in the dressing room, all those things are not going to be asked. All those things are on the back burner. We are concentrating on the task at hand. Gennady is a professional, as Canelo is, and I’m sure when they step through the ropes, it’ll be about that fight. Those other thoughts and those other questions will not be on their mind, as they will not be on mine, either. I’ve got a job to do that night, and I’m going to do it regardless of what happened in the past. But when those questions are asked, it’s difficult to act like it never happened.”

Canelo called Sanchez a ‘dumbass’ in his recent HBO blog post, something the trainer was quick to point out was more mud-slinging from the Mexican’s team.

“The insults have not come from our side. The insults have come from them, and it’s an obvious insult to me. They’re the ones that are lowering themselves to doing that way. Have I gotten into his head to be able to respond to me like that? There’s no reason for it, but that’s the character that I’ve been talking about, the man.

“I feel that he’s responding. If by responding means that he’s reading these things and it’s affecting him, my reason for saying the things that I said is because they’re facts, like I said at the beginning of another question.

“Tell me where I’m lying, other than my opinion about his running. Tell me where I’m lying. Did he not test positive? Did he not cancel our fight? Did he not cause an uproar with fans and with tickets and with reservations because those were consequences from what he did, not from what we did?

“So, there’s no reason for me to be insulting anybody. They’re the ones that are lowering themselves to that level,” he concluded.

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