KSI vs Logan Paul: British Board clarify they are NOT PARTICIPATING in YouTube event

The British Board of Boxing Control have distanced themselves from Saturday’s controversial fight at Manchester Arena between two YouTubers.

KSI and Logan Paul duke it out in a clash based purely on the fact both have millions of subscribers on their respective channels and hope to make millions of dollars from charging $9.99 to watch the event.

Taking place in Britain, it was assumed the BBBofC would be involved on some level, although WBN received a statement to the contrary this morning.

“The event featuring KSI v Logan Paul taking place at the Manchester Arena is not under the jurisdiction of the British Boxing Board of Control,” said the BBBofC.

“Neither individual is licensed by the BBBBofC and the BBBofC does not participate in such events,” they added.

Tickets for the show haven’t exactly been flying out for KSI v Paul over the past few months and it’s not expected to be anywhere near the 20,000 capacity come the first bell.

Those involved in the sport on a professional capacity have been unwelcoming to the pair in what is seen as a blatant attempt to cash in on their followers.

Former World heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs is one member of the boxing fraternity showing his support, though, as the American is in town with his legendary ‘Let’s Go Champ!’ chants to boot.

KSI v Logan Paul is expected to begin at 9pm tonight at the world famous arena.