Justin Jones v Robert Alphonso: Heavyweight battle set for Sept 22

Ringside 24/08/2018

The Corpus Christi Hooks Baseball Team, the double-A affiliate for the Houston Astros, along with Texas boxing promotion company, CCC Entertainment in conjunction with Keeppunching Entertainment are bring big time boxing to WHATABURGER FIELD September 22nd.

The new promotional company is headed by Clayton Campbell, a medical office manager for his father, Dr. Charles Campbell and Dr. Campbell’s wife, Mary. The mother/son partnership is looking to add excitement to the boxing world in one of the boxing hubs of Texas. Dr. Campbell and his other son, Colin, work as managers of professional boxers.

Kerry Daigle of Keeppunching Entertainment in Louisiana brings his 45 years of experience in boxing to the city of Corpus to work with this illustrious crew. Dr. Campbell and his wife, Mary, are well known philanthropists in the state of Texas.

The main event will be a heavyweight showdown of undefeated heavyweights fighting for the Texas Heavyweight Championship. Justin “Jawbreaker” Jones, (21 wins, 0 losses, 2 draws) will face Cuban heavyweight, Robert Alphonso, 16-0, who now lives in Texas. Jones is trained by Houston based Termite Watkins and former WBC heavyweight champion of the world, Oliver McCall. Alphonso is trained by the current WBC heavyweight champion’s (Deontay Wilder) trainer, Jay Deas.

Two undefeated heavyweights with outstanding records facing each other is not something normal. Generally, you don’t see this unless the undefeated fighters have 8 or less fights before taking chances against another undefeated boxer. This is a new era in heavyweight boxing. The best fight to be made in heavyweight boxing with undefeated prospects. The right fight at the right time in the right city because, as we all know, heavyweight boxing is ‘hot’ right now.

This is a step up for both heavyweights and is expected to be a hotly contested match that will feature heavyweight punches blazing into the night on Whataburger field each looking to land a ‘home run’ punch. This is heavyweight boxing of yesteryear where the contestants are more interested in their legacy than fighting lesser opposition.

It’s a ‘set the stage’ fight that will exceed expectations for the fans of Texas and surrounding states. Each will be elevated to another level. These are not 40+ year old boxers but instead boxers in their prime looking for a place among the best and Corpus Christi (along with boxing in general) will benefit. Heavyweight boxing is exciting….it’s well…it’s thriving…and it’s happening right here in America.

A perfect storm before the announcement of Deontay Wilder fighting Tyson Fury at the end of this year, undefeated fighting undefeated.

The co-main event will feature a 10 round NABF Lightweight Female Championship fight featuring the ever popular and crowd favorite Selina “The Aztec Queen” Barrios, the undefeated sensation from San Antonio, Texas facing her third undefeated fighter in a row by the name of Patricia Juarez of Colorado.

Juarez is the sister of 5 time world champion, Mariana “Barbie” Juarez. Barrios brother is Mario Barrios, the undefeated super lightweight ( 22-0) preparing for a world title shot in 2019. This is the perfect mesh of styles where Juarez has won all of her fights by unanimous decision and is considered a superb boxer while Barrios is known for cement in both fists and a warrior.

Ernest Reyna, a local cruiserweight, will be featured on the undercard along with undefeated sensation Luis Acosta from Houston, Texas who has 6 knockouts in 6 fights. Joining these two will be Neller Obrigon, an undefeated light heavyweight at 8-0 along with undefeated welterweight Terry Chapwood of Arkansas at 7-0.

There will be a total of 42 rounds scheduled with 7 undefeated fighters testing their skills against tough competition. Which ones are going to “knock it out of the park?”

Matchmaker Reginal McGowan of Dallas mentioned, “I haven’t worked a show with this much talent in a long time and with everyone having their undefeated records at stake against tough opposition. It’s going to be a night to remember and all happening in a ballpark. How cool is that?”

Dr. Charles Campbell and Colin Campbell, co-managers of the two main events in Jones and Barrios are confident their fighters will be victorious.

“ We want to show the world that these two boxers are ready for the best in the world and we know they will both step their game up to show everyone they are here to bring home a world championship to Corpus,” states Colin.

Jay Deas, trainer of Alphonso, comments, “We know we are in a tough fight with Jones but then again to become the best you have to beat some of the best. That is why we are coming into Corpus to challenge Justin Jones.”

Kerry Daigle of Keeppunching Entertainment is ecstatic about this team being put together to bring big time boxing to the City of Pugilists, Corpus Christi. “Our team with CCC Entertainment, the Corpus Christi Hooks, and the Houston Astros look to make a mark in Texas with high quality shows.

This will be entertainment at it’s best. The Hooks and Astros know how to put together a first class event. It’s the beginning of an exciting exclusive partnership between CCC Entertainment, Corpus Christi Hooks, Houston Astros, and Keeppunching Entertainment.