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Home » Canelo turning anger into a positive, says one-year layoff won’t affect him in Golovkin rematch

Canelo turning anger into a positive, says one-year layoff won’t affect him in Golovkin rematch

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The two-weight world champion was forced to endure a damaged reputation and a suspension when testing positive for a banned substance prior their originally scheduled bout on May 5.

Months on, and back in the swing of things, Canelo feels aggrieved by some of the mud slung his way but aims to use those words to his advantage on September 15 in Las Vegas.

“I’m very bothered, and I’m angry at their accusations (he intentionally used Clenbuterol), but I will utilize it in my favor because I have experience in this,” said Canelo.

I know that, if I get angry and closed minded, that I might make some mistakes, and it will be wrong. So I’m going to use this in my favor to train harder to give that extra push, and I’m going to use that anger intelligently in my favor on September 15.

“The people who have always supported me have been there and will always be there. They know what it is. I’ve made all the tests. So they will always be there, my supporters.”

On Golovkin’s fearsome reputation and dealing with his presence in the first bout, Canelo said: Obviously, he’s a very strong fighter. He has a very strong hit in his punches. That’s his biggest virtue as a fighter, that he has that power, but obviously, I’ve fought other strong fighters as well. And despite him being a 160-pounder with respectable power, it’s nothing out of this world.

“I showed him the first fight that I can take his punches, and simply that, he’s a respectable puncher with respectable power, but nothing out of this world.”

A year out can be a long time in the sport, although Canelo is unfazed and has been feeling great in the gym.

“I feel well, and I don’t think the year off will affect me at all. I like to train. I like to stay active. So I feel good,” he explained. “The most I’ve lasted usually from September to May, which is about nine months. So I think three additional months is nothing.

“I stay training, and I stay active, and it’s not going to affect me for this fight on September 15.”

With his reputation bruised, Canelo says he’ll do his talking in the ring and this time come out on top against the world’s best middleweight.

“I don’t feel any pressure at all. I have nothing to show in that respect. All I have to show is I’m the best. In the first fight, it wasn’t demonstrated because, obviously, it ended in a draw. But that’s the only thing I need to show, that I’m the better fighter than him on September 15.

“I learned a lot. I learned who was really there for me. But I also learned — I got a lot of experience so that it doesn’t happen. The only error that I made is I didn’t educate myself properly on the situation with meat in Mexico, and I have to learn from that so it doesn’t happen again,” concluded Canelo.