LISTEN: Former world champion Mia St. John reveals when she stopped taking steroids


Former WBC champion Mia St. John elaborated on her PED statements in a recent radio interview with Sirius XM Boxing Radio

Speaking about her adverse experience with steroids, St. John stated she will work to warn others of the dangers they face if they make the wrong career choices.

“I was complaining about steroid-use, because I quit halfway through my career, and started making some complaints about it,” said St. John.

“I went to the WBC in 2012 and told them about the testing and how we need more and better testing. They’ve done an amazing job about making sure all the testing is done and is done diligently.

“I’ve tried and made many efforts to do this. I’ve been trying to get this done for a long time.”

On how she felt after stopping PED use

“The biggest difference I felt was endurance. My weight. My weight starting creeping back up, so much to the point, I know the public noticed.

“People weren’t even talking about my fights but the weight I gained. It hurt me and made me self-conscious. ‘Should I go back on them?’ But I thought ‘No.’ I’m going to stand my ground.

“I feel so much healthier off all of that crap I was doing,” she added.

Listen to Mia St. John on when she stopped taking PEDs and advice for fighters considering taking them here

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