Exclusive: Brian Rose discusses weight and potential comeback opponents, targets British title

Thomas Davison 22/08/2018

Ed Mulholland

Brian Rose is targeting winning the British title in his comeback and believes that current champion Jason Welborn ‘isn’t on his level’.

Rose is making a comeback to the ring after 18-months of inaction since a decision loss against Jack Arnfield.

The 33-year-old is being realistic in terms of what he wants to achieve but still believes there is a chapter yet to be written in his story.

Current British middleweight champion Welborn is defending his belt in a rematch against Tommy Langford on Amir Khan’s bill in Birmingham on September 8th.

“I’m not going to sit here and say I’m going to fight for a world title again or that I’m going to win a world title, but you never know. I’d be happy coming back and winning a British title, there’s Tommy Langford and Jason Welborn and they’re not on my level,” Rose exclusively told World Boxing News.

On who he thinks will prevail in the rematch, Rose said: “Welborn seems to have his number and he will probably outwork him again.

“I think Welborn has work rate and strength but if he boxes someone who can box around him and not get caught he’ll get beat and I think he’s the perfect fight for me,”

Rose fought mostly at super welterweight during his career, but did fight his last few fights at middleweight and at 33 it’ll be hard for Rose to get back down to 154lb.

“I’m going to strip my weight down to middle then see if I can so super welter again, but I am a realist, I am getting older, and I know it will be hard to make that weight again.”

Rose broke down the state of play in his old division, in which he owns a Lonsdale belt outright for his exploits.

“Some of them are really good fighters who I would probably be told to avoid because they are young, hungry and sharp, but I’ll fight anyone,” Rose said.

“Ted Cheeseman is a good fighter, he did a really good job on Carson Jones. Anthony Fowler is good, I know him personally, he’s a great fighter who has the potential to go on and win a world title.

“If they’re the people at my weight then they are the people I will have to fight, but to be honest I’m concentrating on middleweight,” he added.

Rose doesn’t have time to wait around and he plans on advancing in a hurry.

“I just need to get active again. My first fight will be a six-rounder and then I’ll literally fight anyone.

“All I need to do it win. I’ll fight on a small hall show in a sports centre if I have to in my first fight, I don’t mind,” Rose concluded.

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