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Home » Dina Thorslund expecting war with Yessica Munoz this weekend

Dina Thorslund expecting war with Yessica Munoz this weekend

In March, Thorslund secured an interim WBC World title, when she impressively won on points over former world champion, the elegant technician Alicia Ashley from Jamaica. Now there is a more aggressive boxer waiting in the battle for the WBO World title.

“Ashley is a technically better boxer, but Munoz is physically stronger. She only moves forward. So it’s a more aggressive style that I have to prepare for. Time will show if it will be my most difficult fight, but I think it will. It will be the hardest at least,” said Thorslund.

“People can expect a real fight. She’s a warrior, I’m a warrior so it can’t end up being nothing but a war. Fans often prefer to see men fighting because there may be more action. But I can tell there will be a lot of action in my world title fight against Munoz, people should start looking forward to that!”

Thorslund’s coach Thomas Madsen also promises that the crowd in Struer can look forward to an entertaining night.

“Munoz is a strong boxer, and I think she will be a tougher opponent than Ashley. She’s coming forward all the time, and Dina does the same thing. So it will be a great fight for the fans,” said Madsen.

“Dina is in better shape this time, last time the build-up wasn’t optimal, but this time everything has been perfect. Many call it a 50-50 match, but if Dina shows up and delivers her best, she will win.”

Thorslund faces Mexican Yessica Munoz in a WBO Female World Super Bantamweight clash on August 25 at Struer Energy Park. Dennis Ceylan, Mikkel Nielsen, Frederik Hede Jensen, Kem Ljungquist, Mahdi Jallaw are among the top Danish names on the undercard.

Tickets are available online at or by calling 70 15 65 65.