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Carlos Cuadras wins following clash of heads ruling

It was a great fight in which both men magnificently proved their skills and courage, in a truly memorable contest, thrilling the fans at the CUM of Los Mochis, Sinaloa.

Unfortunately, two accidental head clashes opened deep gashes around Carlos Cuadras’ eyes, leaving the Ring Doctor no choice, but to recommend to the Referee to stop the fight at the end of the seventh round, leading to a technical decision in favor of Carlos Cuadras.

Regrettably, a controversy has been created, which should not exist, since the regulations of the World Boxing Council are very clearly defined concerning the following points:

The World Boxing Council instituted this rule in 1990, which discounts a point from the boxer not cut when there is an “Accidental Head Butt”. This measure was established in order to balance and equate in some way, the tremendous consequences caused by a wound, involving battling with blood and vision, having to alter fighting strategy, as well as the impression a bleeding boxer could have on a Judge.

This rule has been implemented for 28 years, and in all the world title fights and any regional title fights of the World Boxing Council, it’s been considered fair, humane and just at all times.

Unfortunately, the Panamanian boxer lost two points for these two accidental head-clashes and the technical decision was in favor of Carlos Cuadras with scores of 68-63, 68-63 and 69-63.

The fight was emotional and spectacular throughout, but it is unfair to question the clear victory of former champion Carlos Cuadras.

Below you will find the WC-3.14 rule:

Accidental Injuries from Head Butts, Elbows, or other Accidental or Illegal Actions (injury). The following description applies to injuries from not only head butts and elbows, but from any other accidental or illegal action as well.

a) Unintentional/accidental injury. When a boxer suffers a cut, abrasion, or excessive swelling due to an unintentional/accidental head butt, elbow, etc.

If the bout cannot continue:

• There will not be a point deduction.

• Technical draw if before the start of the 5 th round; the bell sound should indicate the start of that round.

• Technical decision, the winner will be the boxer who goes up on the scorecards at the time the fight is stopped, if it is after the start of the Fifth round (with any partial round being qualified).

If the bout continues:

• A point will be deducted from the uninjured boxer. This point deduction will compensate the advantages acquired by the uninjured boxer.

The referee will have the option to consult with the WBC supervisor to waive the point deduction if the cut is on the hairline upwards, or in case he considers there are no advantages to the not injured boxer or if it is considered to be giving an unfair advantage to the inured boxer.

If both boxers are injured, there will not be a point deduction.

• If there is an accidental injury and the bout continues and is later stopped after the start of the fifth round due to enlargement of the same cut by legal punch, it will be a technical decision as per the scorecards.

• If there is an injury caused by a legal punch and the bout can continue and is later stopped after the start of the fifth round due to an accidental injury, it will be a technical decision as per the scorecards.

• All rounds will be scored even if it is partial round. If there haven’t been actions until then the judged must qualify that round as per consideration of the judges.