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Home » ‘You can’t defeat what you can’t hit’ – Francesco Pianeta lands 37 PUNCHES on Tyson Fury in TEN ROUNDS

‘You can’t defeat what you can’t hit’ – Francesco Pianeta lands 37 PUNCHES on Tyson Fury in TEN ROUNDS

Fury will battle Deontay Wilder, possibly in November at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas following a dominant display at Windsor Park.

According to CompuBox, Pianeta struggled with Fury’s elusiveness during the Belfast contest.

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Scaling 18 pounds lighter than in his first comeback fight two months earlier, Fury’s improved hand and foot speed enabled him to easily out-speed and out-box the plodding Pianeta, who offered precious little resistance as he landed just 37 punches in 10 rounds- and never more than 6 in any round.

Fury maintained an active pace (62 per round to Pianeta’s 22.8- hvt. avg.: 45), and while his jab was nullified by the German-based Italian’s southpaw stance (7 of 394, 2%), Fury’s accurate power punching (44% to Pianeta’s 20%) more than compensated.

Fury went to the body effectively, as 45% of his landed punches were to the flanks of the statuesque Pianeta (compubox avg.: 24.3%). Fury excelled in rounds 6-10 as he out-landed Pianeta 71-21 overall en route to connect leads of 107-37 overall, 7-1 jabs and 100-36 power. Referee Steve Gray’s scoring: 100-90 Fury.

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The 6-foot-9 inch ex-ruler Fury, who never lost his titles in the ring, will now face the 6-foot-7 Wilder, who has 39 knockouts in his 40 professional fights.

“We are two men who will fight anybody,” Fury said. “This man has been trying to make a big fight with the other chump, I think we all know who I’m talking about. They called, I answered. I said to send the contract, they sent me the contract. I said yes. And now he gets his chance to fight the linear heavyweight champion of the world.

“My promise is that when we go to Las Vegas, I’m knocking you out.”

Wilder added: We’re ready now,” during the post-fight interview. “This fight will happen. It’s on. This fight is official. This is what we’ve been waiting for, the best fighting the best.

“There’s one thing Tyson Fury has never had. He’s won a lot of belts, but he’s never had the WBC belt. If he ever even thinks about having this belt he better wake up and apologize to me because it will never happen.

“I can’t wait to fight you because I am going to knock you out. This I promise you. Every man who has ever stepped in the ring with me, I’ve knocked them out in devastating fashion.

“You’ve never been knocked out, but you’re going to feel the experience of what it’s like to be hit by the Bronze Bomber.”