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Home » ROPE-A-DOPE: Who did it better – Tyson Fury or Muhammad Ali?

ROPE-A-DOPE: Who did it better – Tyson Fury or Muhammad Ali?

The 30 year-old, already the greatest top division mover of his time, rivalled Ali in the Rope-A-Dope stakes when completely frustrating Francesco Pianeta.

Looking at the stats for Fury v Pianeta, the Italian-German opponent landed only 37 punches in the whole ten rounds as the ‘lineal ruler’ secured his place alongside Deontay Wilder in a huge blockbuster this year.

fury pianeta stats

Compubox said: Scaling 18 pounds lighter than in his first comeback fight two months earlier, Fury’s improved hand and foot speed enabled him to easily out-speed and out-box the plodding Pianeta, who offered precious little resistance as he landed just 37 punches in 10 rounds-and never more than 6 in any round.

Fury maintained an active pace (62 per round to Pianeta’s 22.8- hvt. avg.: 45), and while his jab was nullified by the German-based Italian’s southpaw stance (7 of 394, 2%), Fury’s accurate power punching (44% to Pianeta’s 20%) more than compensated. Fury went to the body effectively, as 45% of his landed punches were to the flanks of the statuesque

Pianeta (compubox avg.: 24.3%). Fury excelled in rounds 6-10 as he out-landed Pianeta 71-21 overall en route to connect leads of 107-37 overall, 7-1 jabs and 100-36 power. Referee Steve Gray’s scoring: 100-90 Fury.