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‘If I get chinned in ten seconds it’s see you later Tyson Fury’

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The recently-turned 30 year-old, who is one fight into his comeback from a two and a half year ring absence, can ill-afford any slip-ups with a WBC title shot against Deontay Wilder waiting in the wings.

Fury is pitted against rugged but beatable Italian Francesco Pianeta at Windsor Park and knows his dream of reigning at the top of the world again hangs in the balance.

Leaving no stone unturned, Fury is bidding to put on a show and leave nothing to chance before an expected in-ring head-to-head with Wilder.

“I study my heavyweights and I know Francesco has fought some very good men. He had a very good winning spree, he was 28-0 when he fought Klitschko,” pointed out Fury.

“I’m not underestimating Francesco. I know he’s a very big, strong fellow and he knows if he wins this fight then he can go on to fight (Deontay) Wilder instead of me. It’s all to play for.

“In heavyweight boxing, if you take your eye off the goal for ten seconds you’re out of there. I know what to expect, I expect him to bring his ‘A game’ and he’s going to try to knock me out because that’s what they all do. Hopefully, he’s not successful and we put on a great show and entertain the fans.

“I’ve made all the right sacrifices. I trained really well, ate right, slept well and I had four or five sparring partners that were all southpaws. If I do what I think I can do, then I’ll impress, put on a good show and win the fight. If I don’t do what I think I can do, then I’ll get chinned in about ten seconds and it will be, ‘See you later Tyson Fury and hello Francesco Pianeta.’

“Southpaws are a lot more awkward because there’s less of them in the division. You don’t get too much work with southpaws other than when you’re fighting with them. It’s hard to get southpaws to spar in training because there aren’t many heavyweight southpaws around the world.

“But I do have one interesting fact, every southpaw amateur or professional I’ve ever faced I’ve knocked out. That’s not good for Francesco,” he added.