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Home » WE’RE DONE WITH IT: Deontay Wilder severs negotiations with heavyweight rival Anthony Joshua

WE’RE DONE WITH IT: Deontay Wilder severs negotiations with heavyweight rival Anthony Joshua

Wilder initiated talks with Joshua by offering the Briton an eye-popping $50m to fight in the United States on Showtime Pay-Pay-View only to be told the bout couldn’t happen on US soil.

‘The Bronze Bomber’ then accepted a flat fee of $15m to battle Joshua on the condition the current king agreed to an immediate rematch clause, only to be left disappointed when two subsequent documents were bereft of such terms.

Initial paperwork contained a rematch clause only if Joshua lost, whilst a second attempt then added the stipulation that Wilder wouldn’t get another opportunity if the contest was a draw.

Those proposals left a severely bad taste in Wilder’s mouth and the American is shelving an encounter with Joshua – at least until realistic efforts are made of the part of the Londoner’s representatives.

Speaking on Monday evening, Wilder explained: “These guys have lied about so much stuff it’s crazy,” to TMZ Sports before flying off to Belfast for a ringside seat to watch forthcoming opponent Tyson Fury face Francesco Pianeta at Windsor Park.

“Everyone knows who tried to make the fight, who really wanted to fight. A blind man could see the situation with this, and we’re done with it,” he added.

In stark contrast to calls that Wilder and his team were tough to deal with, a fight with Fury came about immediately after Joshua discussions fell apart and saw both sides agree 95% of the deal within days.

All that’s left is to tie up the loose ends, with some predicting a huge world title battle could be signed, sealed and official when Wilder visits Northern Ireland this week.

Fury has to take care of Pianeta firstly on Saturday night, a bout which has expectantly been picked up by broadcasters Showtime for a Stateside audience, with the one-time unified ruler needing to look a whole lot better than against Sefer Seferi in June to make the Wilder fight that much more lucrative to both competitors.