Ex-Mike Tyson conqueror Danny Williams admits he was TERRIBLE in last fight, off to Nigeria for bodyguard work CARRYING A GUN

WBN 08/08/2018

Team Williams

A career-high of defeating Mike Tyson in 2004 will live long in British heavyweight Danny Williams’ memory despite a recent defeat which he will quickly forget. 

Williams lost out to a former Commonwealth lightweight champion in Lee McAllister last month and is now out of the sport for good at the age of 45.

Shockingly taken out in the tenth round despite a huge weight differential, Williams has signalled his intention to follow through on an offer of alternative employment.

“I was terrible (against McAllister in Aberdeen) and couldn’t get my shots out,” Williams told the Evening Express.

“A peak Danny Willlams would have ended it in the second round. “But, (he paused), this is old Danny Williams.

“If you were to come and fight me it would have been different. But he backed up and threw combinations and boxed very smart. McAllister did very well.”

Dissecting his career before outlining plans to take a dangerous job in Africa, Williams named his stunning one-armed win over Mark Potter as his career highlight.

“I had some really good moments, and some really bad moments,” he pointed out.

“My career has been really up and down. Things like beating Mark Potter and becoming the only fighter in the history of boxing to win a fight with a dislocated shoulder, that cannot be taken away from me. Nor can being second only to Henry Cooper in (British) title defences.

“I am going to do some bodyguard work in Nigeria. It is a very risky job as I will have a gun with me – I have a gun licence. I am definitely, totally finished with boxing,” added ‘The Brixton Bomber’.

WBN wish him well in his future endeavors.

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