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Home » ‘Golovkin hit me with a KO shot, I didn’t feel anything!’ – Canelo

‘Golovkin hit me with a KO shot, I didn’t feel anything!’ – Canelo

Alvarez bids to relieve the Kazakh puncher of his trio of title belts this fall in their highly-anticipated rematch and the 28 year-old is unfazed by the middleweight king’s capabilities.

“I’ve fought with very difficult fighters who are very difficult to land shots on and difficult to fight. I’ve fought with strong fighters as well. He’s a strong fighter. He’s a dangerous fighter. He is one of the toughest fighters I’ve faced. This is one of those fights where I’ll be the most prepared of my career,” said Canelo.

“I’m automatically a faster fighter than he [Golovkin]. My reflexes are quicker than his, so I could see punches [in the first fight]. But he has a lot of experience.

“He landed some shots on me, but that’s due to his experience, and I could see punches as soon as he began to throw them. In the fifth round, I was hit with the kind of shot to knock someone out. It was between the ear and the neck, but I didn’t feel anything.

“I knew who Golovkin was from the beginning. He’s been at 160 pounds for pretty much his entire career. I’ve always said that when I move up to middleweight, I would fight the best. He’s supposed to be the best, and I felt very good in the first fight.

“His power is nothing out of this world,” he added.

Many thought Golovkin did enough to take at least eight rounds from Canelo the first time around and make the 35 year-old a firm favorite due to lack of activity by his opponent.

A six-month suspension has seemingly hampered Canelo’s progress, although the former super-welterweight titleholder has been afforded another full year to acclimatize to the weight.