Sean McGoldrick buzzing to fight in Wales this weekend

Ringside 02/08/2018

Promising bantamweight Sean McGoldrick has big plans to reward his loyal fans when he fights at Cardiff’s Ice Arena Wales on Saturday.

The Welshman is a former Commonwealth Games champion and having gone through the frustration of pay-per-view scheduling problems denying him a chance to fight on home soil once already, now has his homecoming.

McGoldrick (6-0-KO2) said: “Finally, I’m getting to fight in Wales! I’m absolutely buzzing to be boxing back home for the first time as a pro.

“I’m obviously excited but I’m even more pleased for all the people who came to watch me last time and didn’t get to. Some people have travelled all over to watch me and it means a lot.

“This time, those same people who’ve made such an effort can just pop down the road to see me rather than it being a whole day trip involving trains and buses. I’m delighted I’ll get to perform for them.

“I wouldn’t say it’s pressure to have all these people wishing you well but I definitely want to perform well and put on a good show for them. If someone is spending time and money to be part of my journey, I want to pay them back and the only way I can is by performing.

“Whenever you box locally, the temptation is to get carried away with the atmosphere and go trigger-happy, but I’ll stick to my boxing because I’m mentally prepared for it and my team will help me stay focused.”

Also on an outstanding card headlined by Joe Cordina’s Commonwealth title bout with Sean Dodd is McGoldrick’s MTK Global team-mate and WBC World Youth champion Akeem Ennis Brown.