Gennady Golovkin trainer Abel Sanchez sends rematch KO warning to Canelo Alvarez

Joe Hewlett 01/08/2018
Abel Sanchez Gennadiy Golovkin

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Trainer Abel Sanchez has warned Canelo Alverez he must approach the fight differently if he is going to stand any chance of victory in his rematch against Gennady Golovkin. 

The pair met last year in September, and it ended on controversial terms as the fight ended as a draw on the scorecards despite many being convinced GGG had won the contest.

And Sanchez, who has recently added Joe Joyce onto his impressive stable, hopes Canelo can live up to his promise of taking the fight to GGG.

He said: “All those same things were said prior to the first fight and it ended up being a track meet.

“I think that on the 15th when Oscar and Canelo were having breakfast, Oscar needs to remind him, he needs to bring his courage to the venue that night because he’s going to need it.

“If he intends to knock out Golovkin, he’s going to have to fight him. And if he fights him, he’s going to get knocked out. I said that before; he would have gotten knocked out the first time, but he decided to make it a track meet that night.

“But if he comes to fight and if he comes to knock out Golovkin as he said he’s going to; if he doesn’t defraud the fans again, then he’s going to get knocked out. I’ve said it and I’ll say it again.”

Analyzing Canelo, Sanchez saw a different fighter in the ring with GGG compared to his previous fights. He believes the Mexican could not keep up with the intensity of Golovkin, causing him to box negatively.

It’ll have been just under a year since the pair originally met in Vegas, and GGG’s trainer is hoping Canelo can help create a thriller for the millions of fans who’ll tune in.

“Well, in the first 40-some fights we saw Canelo fight, he fought a totally different fight and he promised the fans he was going to give them the same type of action against Golovkin. After the first couple rounds, he found out he couldn’t.

“I hope September 15 coming up is different because I think the fans deserve what we have been promising them. Golovkin fights in his style. He’s the champion. He’s going to go at Canelo, and if Canelo thinks he can knock him out, then I think we’ll see a classic fight.

“It doesn’t matter how smart Canelo is, when he gets hit and he get hurt, he’s going to be knocked out. Smarts have nothing to do with it. He’s going to get hit and get hurt.”

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