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Home » Frank Warren confirms AJ $50m guarantee evidence in Tony Bellew chat

Frank Warren confirms AJ $50m guarantee evidence in Tony Bellew chat

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As WBN has reported exclusively on numerous occasions, Finkel sent Matchroom paperwork with a guarantee that Joshua would be paid a minimum of $50m to face Wilder in the USA on Showtime Pay-Per-View.

Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn was unresponsive at the time, whilst father Barry admitted the offer existed in a video that has since done the rounds on social media.

On June 25, Finkel told WBN: “Eddie thinks I dislike him. He is wrong. I have a difference of opinion with him of what a fact is.  When I state something is a fact, I have written proof to back it up. So I dare Eddie to do the same.

“To clear up one other fallacy, Eddie knows that they have a written term sheet from us which details our $50 million-dollar offer for Anthony Joshua to fight Deontay Wilder in the U.S. We have never received from them a response to this term sheet.”

In a live debate on talkSPORT in the UK, Warren had now clarified that he was shown the details by Finkel when the pair discussed business over the summer.

“It takes two to make a deal, and if you really want to make a deal, you make it happen. All I know is that Anthony Joshua turned down a guarantee of $80 million, which was $50 million as a purse and $30 million guaranteed for a rematch. And that wasn’t the purses. That was the guarantee,” said Warren.

Bellew interjected by saying, “It’s all well and good calling it a guarantee, Frank. But if there’s no contract, then there’s nothing to sign.

Warren replied: “There was a contract sent. I’ve seen it, so I know exactly what went down.

Bellew asked: “How can you see it if you’re not the promoter of them? How is that even possible?

Warren cleared it up by stating: “Because I work with Shelley Finkel, who is the manager of Deontay Wilder. So that’s why we’re having negotiations.”


“He shouldn’t be showing you personal contracts and information, especially a contract that a fighter, who is supposed to be the top of the bill at heavyweight, hasn’t seen,” pointed out Bellew.

“Whether he should or he shouldn’t, you just asked a question, and I’ve just told you what was in it,” responded the British promoter.

Bellew concluded with: “And I’m just telling you it didn’t happen. I also know for a fact that if a contract were sent for $50 million, he’d have taken it.”

Whilst Warren reiterated he’d seen the evidence: “You’re telling me because you haven’t seen it, whereas I know it for a fact.

“Well, 100 percent they sent it to him. Along with the guarantees and the SHOWTIME guarantees as to the US broadcaster (for PPV).”