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Home » Eleider Alvarez promises tough fight for Sergey Kovalev

Eleider Alvarez promises tough fight for Sergey Kovalev

“I am well prepared for the biggest challenge of my career. I suffered in training and I am at my peak right now.”

“I think it will be a difficult fight for me, but also for Kovalev. I am excited, and I can’t wait to fight. I am ready for everything that he is bringing. It is my chance, it is my time!”

“I can’t stop smiling right now because next week, the whole world will know who is Eleider Alvarez.”

MARC RAMSAY, Trainer of Eleider Alvarez

“This training camp in high altitude in Bogota was hard, but really useful. In summer, with no other of my fighters in competition, I could concentrate at 100% on Eleider for his important world championship bout.”

“Eleider is at the top of his abilities and capacities right now.”

“We understand the extent of the challenge and we come to Atlantic City really confident. We have the recipe to beat Kovalev.”

YVON MICHEL, President of GYM

“Eleider Alvarez did two of his best performances on the road, in Monaco and Chicago, where he won by KO both times.”

“Eleider always raised his level and step his game up when the challenge was big. The bigger the challenge, the better he is.”

“We are convinced that Eleider has all the tools and everything it takes to comeback to Montreal with the WBO world title in his luggage.”

BERNARD BARRÉ, Vice President of GYM

“We decided to follow and sign Eleider in 2007 after the amateur world championship. He just had won the gold medal at the Pan-Am Games with a big KO over a Cuban champion. By seeing where he is right now, we can gladly say we did bet on the right guy!”