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Home » Dillian Whyte survives final round onslaught to out-point Joseph Parker in London

Dillian Whyte survives final round onslaught to out-point Joseph Parker in London

A tight affair for the first five rounds saw Whyte take over in the mid-rounds. Gaining confidence from a knockdown in the second, wrongly scored when a clash of heads, the Londoner cruised into the final three rounds in control of the contest.

In round nine, Whyte landed a big left hook to drop Parker for the first time in his career and seemingly cement the victory.

The final two rounds were all Parker though, as the New Zealander proved he’s tough as nails with his performance in the last six minuted and had his own success using his speed as Whyte tired badly.

In what could be a round of the year contender, Whyte and Parker put it all on the line in the final session of what was an enthralling fight.

A straight right from Parker managed to put Whyte down moments before the final bell rang and thirty seconds more could have made all the difference.

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Judges scores rightly sided with Whyte, who took the spoils 115-110, 114-111 and 113-112 to push his career on.

The co-feature saw Derek Chisora and Carlos Takam put on an even better show. Takam sat on Chisora for the majority of the fight in an up-close trade of hooks.

Takam was relentless and didn’t give Chisora an inch to breathe but ‘Del Boy’ stood tall and used his jab to back the Cameroonian up.

Chisora landed a thudding lead left hook in round five and Takam shrugged it off. Round six saw Chisora showboat by standing in his home corner waiting for Takam as the onslaught continued.

Shortly after, Chisora found some success from a straight right followed by clubbing hooks, Takam fired back but looked tired on the bell.

The seasoned Chisora was motivated by the crowd the Londoner to go for the jugular and a right hook sent Takam to the canvas in round eight.

Takam got to his feet and Chisora made it look easy slugging an overhand right instantly to win the incredible fight in 1:01 of round eight.

At the time of the stoppage, Chisora was well down on the scorecards.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller