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Home » Tyson Fury denies Dillian Whyte talks over all-British clash

Tyson Fury denies Dillian Whyte talks over all-British clash

Reports began to surface when Whyte namedropped Fury in an interview, which led to the undefeated star giving the following response: “If Dillian Whyte is in talks for a fight with the Gypsy king, I’d like to know who he and his team are talking to. Maybe Santa?

“Nevermind me, focus on Joe Parker. (As he’s the) Hardest fight of your career. And as for the steamroller comment, then you woke up. Good luck,” added Fury.

Whyte was a regular part of Fury’s camp when the 29 year-old was on his way to world domination a few years back, although both have since gone their separate ways.

Meanwhile, Fury has been left out of the latest WBO Rankings despite being reinstated to the WBC Ratings for July.

Returning to action in June following a lengthy absence, Fury was handed the seventh spot with the World Boxing Council after defeating Sefer Seferi in Manchester.

President Mauricio Sulaiman saw Fury’s achievement of shedding a mountain of weight and actually getting back in the ring as sufficient enough to earn the number seven spot at heavyweight, although the World Boxing Organisation decided against a similar move.

Fury is absent from the latest WBO list, a similar situation to his cousin Hughie, despite the young contender challenging for the full title as early as last September and since winning the British title.

Hughie also claims a place with the WBC at twelve, although both are subject to approval if they agree to sign up to the WBC Clean Boxing Program.

Number one is Alexander Povetkin, who exercises his mandatory rights against Anthony Joshua on September 22 at Wembley.

Whyte and Joseph Parker, who face-off on Saturday and had applied to be sanctioned as an official eliminator, are at two and six respectively.