HE’S BACK! ‘King of Wales’ Nathan Cleverly returns with BIG QUESTION as Tweets gain cult following

WBN 26/07/2018

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‘There’s something strange in your neighbourhood’ – Well maybe not, but there’s definitely something strange with Nathan Cleverly’s Twitter account.

The former world light-heavyweight champion is at it again following a drab nine-day break without any musings from ‘The King of Wales’.

Finally, on Thursday, the man formerly known as ‘Maximus’ asked the big question everyone needs to know…’Stay humble or become a w*****?”

Cleverly is approaching the one-month anniversary of his social media activity turning from the usual everyday posts to one of the most eagerly followed accounts in boxing.

Many thought the initial offerings were a hack as Cleverly unfollowed everyone barring a Bible group and began embarking on a rampage of tweets that awkwardly made no sense at all.


clev july 18

After some weeks of getting used to ‘Clev’, it seems his and other fans are now champing at the bit to see what further words the Welshman will bestow on the world – if indeed it is him controlling the account.

A cult following is emerging to make Cleverly’s Twitter a must-follow to see what pearls of wisdom will make it to all caps next.

Cleverly retired in August 2017 at the tender age of 30 but has so far shown no interest in making a comeback to the ring.