Dillian Whyte trains alongside golfer Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston for Joseph Parker

Whyte v Parker 24/07/2018

Lawrence Lustig

Dillian Whyte shared a training session with golfer Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston as he puts the finishing touches together on a gruelling camp.

With both athletes known for their swing, Beef fitted seamlessly into the training session alongside Whyte, joining the heavyweight in the ring for some pad work, 30 minutes on the heavy bag and even taking one of the fearsome Body Snatcher’s left hooks.

Talking about that powerful punch, Beef said; ‘I felt the full impact of the hook to the body, it was insane! He didn’t even hit me that hard and I could feel it through the body bag, I wouldn’t want to take a full punch! I could still feel it 20 minutes after, the power Dillian has is frightening.’

Beef is a huge boxing fan and will be at the O2 on Saturday 28 July cheering Dillian on.

On the fight, Beef commented; ’I was a big fan of Dillian before, and I’m even more now. What you see is what you get with him, he’s a great person and a great fighter. I can see it being a brawl on the 28th but I think Whyte will win.’

whyte beef ll2

Dillian Whyte was also quick to praise Beef, saying; ‘Its always good to have positive energy in the gym. Training camps are hard so it’s nice to have a new face to freshen things up. To be willing to take a shot shows that Beef has heart and now he knows how to throw a good body shot he can look after himself on the fairway.’

Quizzed on whether he could see himself following in the footsteps of Freddie Flintoff and Rio Ferdinand and their attempts at crossing over to boxing, Beef was adamant that there is; ‘no chance, I like the training and hitting the pads but I don’t like getting hit back. I will give that one a miss.’

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