EXCLUSIVE: ‘I’ll be able to do whatever I want against Lawrence Okolie’ – says Matty Askin

Thomas Davison 23/07/2018

Frank Warren / Lawrence Lustig

British cruiserweight champion Matty Askin has commented on his mandated clash against Commonwealth champion Lawrence Okolie. 

Askin and Okolie have been ordered to face each other next by the British Boxing Board of Control, with a purse bid for the clash is due to take place on the 8th of August.

When asked what challenges Okolie will present, Askin exclusively told World Boxing News: “He doesn’t particularly excel when he’s fighting. He doesn’t particularly throw a lot of punches unless he has you hurt….and that is probably a weakness.

“When I’m going in there I plan to throw a lot more shots than you. That would be a downside for him if it was to go the distance because I’d be picking rounds up through work rate.”

On what specific strategy he would implement, Asked added: “I think I’ll be comfortable doing what I want to do, to be fair.

“I can probably do whatever I want when I’m in there.

“He’s quite gangly so I would have to make sure I’m sharp, maybe take the fight to him and put him under pressure and stay on his chest and drag him into a fight he doesn’t want to be in.”

Askin won his title in 2017 and has since made an impressive defense, whereas Okolie has put in contrasting performances in his last two fights – against Isaac Chamberlain and Luke Watkins respectively.

“It was a very poor performance in the Chamberlain fight,” pointed out Askin. “But that was always going to happen because they both had a lot to lose in that fight. They were both very negative, but he’s come back in good fashion.

“I think he did what he did against Watkins to get the win and he looked pretty well. He still looks raw, but he seems to carry a lot of power because he’s getting a lot of stoppages. So it’s a fight that will excite the fans.”

Both fighters boast considerable punching power and ‘The Assassin’ thinks that could show in the fight.

“That’s a massive possibility (a knockout) and it’s something that I am capable of and I’m sure he is as well. I’ve been knocking out people for a long time so we definitely know I can punch.

“If I have the chance get him out of there, I will be getting him out of there,” concluded the 29-year-old.

Thomas Davison is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Thomas on Twitter @thomasdavison93