‘Jazzy’ Ahmed back in action this Saturday

Ringside 20/07/2018

Birmingham’s own Ijaz ‘Jazzy’ Ahmed is preparing to fight in his fifth professional bout at BCB-Promotions England Awaits event writes Ben Gibson.

Ijaz is planning to bounce back after his last fight ended with the points decision going against him.

Ijaz spoke to BCB-Promotions about his upcoming fight on the 21 July.

Jazzy began by saying how he felt about the upcoming fight saying, “I am feeling confident and I feel that I can get the job done and that I will get the win.

“I am confident and if I stick to my boxing I will hopefully get the victory on the night.”

Ijaz has not fought since his defeat on the 5 May, he reflects on it saying, “It was a bit of a hiccup on the journey to the top.

“In that fight I went in at the wrong weight due to the advice of my previous trainer.

“But I am now with Errol and his team and they have me in a proper training regime that gives me everything I need.

“That includes pad work, bag work, circuits and sparring, I am loving it here and I am getting the training of my life and that should hopefully show in the ring.”

Since he moved to training with Errol Johnson at BCB Ijaz has reflected on his training saying, “It is more intense and more focused on what I need to approve on.

“There are a few things that I have been working on with Errol, Paul and the team and it has worked in training so hopefully it will be seen on the night.

“There is a lot more circuits involved but also a lot more gritting your teeth and getting on with it.

“I have done a lot of variety and that has included things that I do not enjoy but that is part of the job and you can see the impact of it on the night.”

Ijaz Ahmed has the nickname of Jazzy, he told BCB-Promotions why that is the case and how it inspires him, “It has been with me for a while and it means courageousness if you are too look it up, it is one of the meanings.

“It means courageous and it is what I want everyone to remember me, as a courageous fighter that even if they get knocked down will get up and keep moving forward.

“I don’t back down and I will keep moving forward regardless of what is being thrown at me and I feel that I am that kind of a fighter so the name fits.”

Ijaz has not been on the pro circuit for long he talks about it saying, “It is not all that different but in terms of training it has picked up and I am doing stuff that I didn’t do as an amateur.

“I believe that I have adapted well but it does take a while to get into the swing of things and getting used to it.”

Ijaz feels confident in his boxing career but expressed the difficulties that a professional boxer can feel, “I would just like to say that as a professional boxer it is really hard to sell tickets and to get a decent number of people to come and support me.

“It is hard to get the sales and for a pro boxer without the sales you cannot fight so if you can come and support me then not only would it help me but you can watch a good night of boxing.”

Tickets, priced at £35 standard and £65 VIP ringside, are on sale now from the Town Hall Box Office on 0845 111 2900. It will be £40 for entry on the door.