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Home » EXCLUSIVE: Campbell Hatton talks training, plans to mesh dad Ricky and uncle Matthew’s styles

EXCLUSIVE: Campbell Hatton talks training, plans to mesh dad Ricky and uncle Matthew’s styles

In order to develop his progress further, the teenager now trains full-time with former world level operators in father Ricky and uncle Matthew.

Speaking exclusively to WBN this week, Campbell explained the influence working alongside the two British greats.

“Yeah, massively. I’ve always been fit and strong. It’s just more of the technical side that needed work,” Hatton told World Boxing News.

“You can’t ask for much better than people who have fought at world title level to bring you on with the technical side so I’m loving it.

“The hard work still gets done, they don’t let me get away with anything. I still have a good laugh because I am close to them. With them, I can work hard and have a laugh as well.

“It’s a weird one because although I am that close to them, when we’re in the gym it’s more of a difference, there’s a trainer and boxer relationship in the gym.

“It switches off from the family and relative side of it,” he added.

Multiple videos on social media have surfaced over the past two years of Hatton training with his dad. The videos show Ricky teaching the marauding switching to the body shot technique that he himself was praised for throughout his distinguished career.

“I have got a lot of similarities to my dad – I’m an aggressive come forward fighter who throws a lot of body shots,” stated Hatton.

“I have got my differences, my build is slightly different to my dad – I’ve got longer arms than him and I don’t do the majority of work that my dad was doing – all the up close and that.

“I work a different distance, I’m more mid-range, still with the body punching.

“I’ve got the engine of my dad as well but whilst I’m working alongside my uncle Matt as well I’m picking up the defensive side because Matt always had a top defence.

“I’m picking up things from both of them as I work with them. I’ve got a bit of a balance between them both,” he concluded.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller