Francisco Vargas accepts Rocky Hernandez challenge

Ringside 18/07/2018

WBC number two ranked super featherweight and battled scarred, beetle-browed ex-champion Francisco “Bandido” Vargas has accepted the fight challenge of baby-faced 20-year-old WBC Youth Champion Eduardo “Rocky” Hernandez, who’s rated just behind him at number three.

Following Saturday’s victory over Marlyn Cabrera in less than a single round, bespectacled, fresh-faced Rocky who looks more like a high school student than a hard case, issued the challenge.

Rocky’s velvety youth, tends to obscure his prodigious and immense hitting power in the ring. So now just two fights after his recovery from being shot in the back by carjackers, he’s ready to face the still formidable former world champion Francisco Vargas in an elimination bout for the world title.

Eduardo, who was accompanied by his devoted manager, former world champion Isaac Bustos, expressed his desire to see himself on the big cards because he considers that he is going through the best moment of his career and that it’s now time to demonstrate and exploit his full potential

“Many have underestimated me; However, my record speaks for itself, I have gone step by step forging my story, giving in each performance the best of my skills and therefore I feel confident to face Francisco, a rival who I’m sure will bring out the best in me and test me the most.

“I am waiting for the body to accept that fight because as I have already expressed on other occasions, I want to be in front of the best of the division “

Francisco Vargas, who linked by telephone, with alacrity accepted the challenge of Eduardo, because as he himself said it is an opportunity that “Rocky” has earned.

Absolutely determined to recover the title he lost against Miguel Berchelt, Francisco is willing to take the necessary steps to place him again in front of the “Alacrán”.

Isaac Bustos said that the fight for Rocky against Francisco would be an amazing match that all the boxing fans would love to watch. He said that Rocky has a solid foundation, having fought 115 amateur bouts leading up to his pro career, saying: “Eduardo “Rocky” Hernandez has great skills, exceptional dedication and discipline and extraordinary punching power….but that’s just my point of view!”