EXCLUSIVE: Commission reveal why Oliver McCall was sanctioned at 53

Oliver McCall

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The Texas Athletic Commission’s Combat Sports Program have responded to a request by World Boxing News for more information on the fallout of Oliver McCall’s recently scheduled contest.

As reported by WBN, former WBC heavyweight champion Oliver McCall was set to compete in Corpus Christi against 28 year-old Jamal Woods at the ripe old age of 53 last week.

Looking well beyond the realms of a competitive boxer, McCall was a shadow of his former self at the weigh-in, and WBN hoped sense would prevail before the first bell.

In the end, it was McCall himself who took matters into his own hands and pulled out of the encounter on fight day, to the obvious disappointment of Woods, who made a long trip for nothing.

Speaking exclusively to WBN the day after the collapse, Woods was obviously vexed by what had transpired.

“Oliver McCall didn’t show to the fight; he was scared at the weigh-in,” said Woods. “McCall is a has-been.

“He didn’t pay me for making a twelve-hour trip to the fight. I have a reputation that is known, and I don’t back out from fights.

“I sure don’t back down from fights against an old man. He’s a has-been, and it shows he’s not the man he used to be.

“He got scared at the weigh-in and didn’t want the fight.

“Someone told me he had a mental breakdown, but I was also told he had a family emergency. Either way, he didn’t want to fight me.”

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Speaking later via social media, Woods challenged McCall’s boxer son Elijah to come out of his five-year retirement to step up for his father.

“So I get to the fight (event) ready for battle and come to find out Oliver McCall got on a plane and left. I had a long trip and (I’m) not getting paid. In this boxing business from now on, I need my payment beforehand.

“He got scared and left. A legend who knocked out Lennox Lewis! Oliver McCall that is a girl move.

“This S.O.B ran from a** whoopin’ and (was) shaking and s*** (at the weigh-in) saying, ‘God said for him not to fight me.’

“He ain’t s*** but a has-been. Bring your sorry a** son out Elijah McCall to take your a** whoopin’,” he added.

The trLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations) has since denied Woods’ claims regarding McCall’s mental state and said ‘The Atomic Bull’ passed the stringent process – as they offered to hear any complaint by the Arkansas puncher.


“I can confirm Mr. Oliver McCall met all requirements to be licensed to box,” Texas Athletic Commission Head Greg Alvarez exclusively told World Boxing News.

“The Department was notified by Reyna Promotions that the bout between Oliver McCall vs. Jamal Woods had fallen off the card the day of the event. So, no contracts were turned in to the lead inspector.”

On what Woods could do next, Alvarez added: “Mr. Woods has an option to file a complaint against Reyna Promotions for not fulfilling his obligation.  A

“And as far as sanctioning Mr. McCall, the promoter will have to file a complaint against Mr. McCall for failing to fulfill his contract,” he stated.

McCall seems to have finally called it a day on career lasting 33 years. Woods is now contemplating his next move, having won 17 of his 66 bouts as a professional.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay.