SICKENER: Josh Taylor reveals SHOCKING tweet wishing BRAIN DAMAGE on him in next fight

Esther Lin

A horrid retort from a Twitter user to current WBC number one Josh Taylor has shed further light on a problem the sport could do without. 

Commenting back to Taylor in an exchange nothing to do with boxing, the said person wished brain damage on the talented Scottish fighter in a sickening display of trolling.

taylor tweet

The abuse is more proof more needs to be done by the heads of these platforms, who give certain people with bad intentions the chance to reply to anyone with any misuse they like.

Taylor highlighted the tweet and gave back, although it’s something a fighter should never be subjected to given that they put their life on the line each and every time they step between the ropes.

Even though the tweet was either deleted – and/or the account was suspended, doesn’t give anybody the right to wish harm on someone doing a highly dangerous job.

Clearly, somewhere along the line, there’s a lack of respect for themselves and the boxer concerned, but surely now is the time to do something about those people who take it upon themselves to be highly offensive and wish harm on others using social media.

Josh Taylor, the current WBC Silver super-lightweight champion and Season II entrant in the World Boxing Super Series, is an exemplary professional inside and outside of the ring and shouldn’t be subjected to vile responses when interacting with fans on either Twitter or Facebook.