Exclusive: James Dominguez talks ‘The Punchline’ hosting role alongside ex-champ Kelly Pavlik, current stars and inspirations

World Boxing News managed to catch up with co-host of The Punchline, James Dominguez this week to discuss his boxing show alongside former world champion Kelly Pavlik and thoughts on the current state of the sport.

Now in it’s fourth season, their entertaining podcast is established as a must listen for boxing fans.

WBN began the interview by asking Dominguez, a former boxer-turned trainer himself, about his role.

“It’s a huge difference working in the boxing media, It’s a lot safer, but also more rewarding,” Dominguez told World Boxing News.

“I love learning and seeing boxing from a different side. As a trainer I saw boxing a different way, but as a media member, it’s like looking through a new window. “

Asked his thoughts on the current state of boxing and the most promising weight-classes, Dominguez added: “I’d say welterweight and light heavyweight, but I also think super-middleweight is getting better and better.

pavilk dominguez

“I’m really liking what I see from Vergil Ortiz Jr., Ryan Garcia and Caleb Plant. Vergil especially, his power and boxing skills, are way ahead of his peers, and adding Robert Garcia to his team also gives him a huge advantage.”

Citing his own inspirations, Dominguez continued: My mentors are Rudy Hernandez, Joe Goossen, Robert Garcia, Roger Romo, and Ricky Funez,” he said.

“I’ve learned so many things from these people. They are all great at different things, and they made me a better trainer.

“Joe Goossen gave the best corner talk – I think, in boxing when Rafael Ruelas fought Oscar de la Hoya. Things like this you only learn from veterans of the game like these guys.

“My favorite fighters in the amateur ranks were all contemporaries, and guys I looked up to, too. Daniel Peralta, Panchito Bojado, Ricardo Williams. Plus, David Diaz Kendall Gould, Anthony Hanshaw, Kelly Pavlik, Fernando Vargas, Eric Morel, Dante Craig and Simon Ruvalcaba.

“All of these fighters, just very talented, and were great at that one thing that made them special,” concluded the host.

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