Jamal Woods claims Oliver McCall had breakdown, wants to fight his son

Jamal Woods and Oliver McCall went through weigh-in proceedings without a hitch, but when it came to their fight night in Corpus Christi, the latter was nowhere to be found.

Former World Boxing Council champion McCall, a shadow of his glory days and seemingly in no shape to fight, had backed out and traveled home, according to Woods.

Upon seeking an explanation, Woods informed WBN he was given two different versions, one of which included McCall having a mental breakdown.

McCall famously refused to fight during his world title rematch with Lennox Lewis back in the 1990s, which was also attributed to mental issues at the time.

It would be despairing to hear that those problems have once again played a part in McCall’s life, whilst Woods was obviously disappointed to be left in the lurch.

“I have a reputation that is known and I don’t back out from fights,” Woods exclusively told World Boxing News as the dust settled on the situation.

“I sure don’t back down from fights against an old man. He’s a has-been and it shows he’s not the man he used to be. He got scared at the weigh-in and didn’t want the fight.

“Someone told me he had a mental breakdown but I was also told he had a family emergency – either way, he didn’t want to fight me.”


Speaking later via social media, Woods, 28, challenged McCall’s boxer son Elijah to come out of his five-year retirement to step up for his father.

“So I get to the fight (event) ready for battle and come to find out Oliver McCall got on a plane and left. I had a long trip and (I’m) not getting paid. In this boxing business from now on, I need my payment beforehand.

“He got scared and left – a legend who knocked out Lennox Lewis! Oliver McCall, that is a girl move.

“This S.O.B ran from an a** whoopin’ and (was) shaking and s*** (at the weigh-in) saying, ‘God said for him not to fight me.’

“He ain’t s*** but a has-been. Bring your sorry a** son out Elijah McCall to take your a** whoopin’,” he added.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay