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The Makings of a Good Boxer

Professional boxing is a little different. First of all, it’s primarily a sport and not a martial art. This sporting aspect of boxing has opened it up to fans of not just sports itself, but sports betting as well. One of the best betting enticement for any fresh player is the free bet no deposit offer. It’s a great way to venture into boxing betting. 

If you want to be one such contender, you first need to keep a track of matches. Then you should have the ability to spot a good boxer. Of course, you can rely on the rankings, the odds and the statistics, but nothing beats being able to recognise a good boxer yourself. If you are really serious about putting your money where it matters, it is a practice that will hold you in good stead over the years. Soon, you might start enjoying the sport and the matches as well without merely focussing on just how much money you can make off one.


It is a fighting style after all. It follows then that the better fighters should be ones with better agility. It’s a skill that makes you move quicker than your opponent in the ring. Agility allows the better boxer to move away from the opponent’s attack and counter with one of their own before the other can react. That gives a boxer a significant advantage in the wing. It is rumoured that Muhammad Ali, the most famous boxer in history, was one of the most agile boxers in the ring.


The ability to land a punch accurately on an opponent is another characteristic of a good boxer. It is not enough to land a punch, it must be land at the right place and with the right amount of power to do the most damage. In professional competitions it has to be such that it gets the most points. Throwing punches without accuracy makes a boxer lose energy and frustrates the mind, this lets the opponent gain an advantage. Something that a fighter should seldom allow.


This one’s big. Boxers need a reservoir of explosive strength in every punch. They should have the ability to rock their opponents to the core with every single blow they land. And it’s not a question of weight categories. The hardest punchers in boxing have been quite effectively distributed through the professional weight categories. But the one thing they had common was the ability to pack a punch very few could recover from.

The sport of boxing has been drawing attention from an ever-increasing audience and with that the prospect of betting good money on it has also increased over a period of time.