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Canelo Alvarez, Gennady Golovkin split leaves sour aftertaste

So when pressed, and asked if they can’t stand the sight of each other, they answered media questions and turned the tables, via a teleconference, responding differently and diffidently.

An undercurrent of testy bile is simmering and surfacing. While their managers Abel Sánchez and José” Chepo “Reynoso sprinkled salt and vinegar into open, gaping inflamed wounds of pride…before The Fall.

“I’m sure this fight will be very different. On Sept. 15 everyone will see a very different Canelo. And on that day they will realize many things, especially about Abel Sanchez, head trainer of Golovkin, who likes to talk a lot,” insisted Saúl, who pointedly added:

“They’ve already talked far too much, thoroughly disrespecting me. So everything has totally changed and this fight will be very different.

“The respect that we had for each other is now totally gone, and I’m definitely going to show plus teach him who is the best, and just why.”

In the teleconference from a gym in Guadalajara, “Canelo” Alvarez was accompanied by his coach Eddy Reynoso, his representative José “Chepo” Reynoso, Oscar de la Hoya CEO of Golden Boy Promotions and his matchmaker, Robert Diaz.

For his part, GGG, who proudly and prominently displayed his world titles, was in Big Bear, California, with promoter Tom Loeffler and coach Abel Sanchez.

He didn’t directly verbally hit back, in the same ilk with nettled or stinging diction, merely laconically retorting:

“We agreed to the fight after the cancellation last May and we and the fans are happy. I respect fighters like Canelo and I will not disqualify him. That does not matter now, as we have the fight.”

With this caveat, they’re tying up the loose ends with a binding tiebreaker, on September 15 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.