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Home » Nathan Cleverly update: Mysterious social media activity continues

Nathan Cleverly update: Mysterious social media activity continues

Strange goings on have accompanied the former world light-heavyweight champion Twitter account recently following a significant follower cull.

‘Clev’ now only follows one single account, a prayer and bible group, after what fans are suspecting is a hack on his Twitter.

Weird posts began on June 29 when Cleverly (or his hacker) uncharacteristically tweeted: “ANY HATERS OUT THERE YOU BUNCH OF W******?”

There were a host of replies, most of whom took the insult in jest. Next came a block post stating that Cleverly is a fighter, despite the fact he retired last year after a defeat to Badou Jack.

Things turned even stranger when Cleverly then stated: “I am a w*****. I’m sorry. Before declaring himself as ‘the most intelligent fighter on the planet’.

Sandwiched inbetween, the ex-Frank Warren and Eddie Hearn fighter told followers he had a new name.

“In future correspondence, can you all please refer to me as The King, please. Thanks in advance. Kindest regards, The King,” he said.

Finally, the 31 year-old said he was ‘unbreakable’ in the final of the head-scratching series.


This was followed up in July with Cleverly tweeting: “I’m the most successful journeyman in boxing. Period.”

Furthermore, a previous offering has now been set at Cleverly’s ‘pinned tweet’ at the top of his account.

clev 2

If indeed Cleverly is posting himself, many of the replies are questioning his current mental state, although the most likely scenario would be a common hack.

Cleverly ended his career at the tender age of 30 as a two-time world title holder and with a record of 30-4 following a stellar career spanning twelve years.

Since then, the Cefn Forest man has kept a low profile, whilst enjoying holidays and keeping himself in shape.

Time will tell what the mysterious social media activity represents, but Cleverly may simply just be blissfully unaware of the ghosts in his machine.