Want to Start Boxing? Here are Some Tips That Can Help

WBN 04/07/2018

Want to start boxing?

5 Boxing Tips for Beginners

Knowing that you will sign up for consistent punches during training can make a person anxious. But if you feel that boxing is the sport for you, then you will have no problem getting past that. There are a lot of components to make a good boxer and we’re going to leave those to your personal trainer that definitely knows more about the ingredients. The aim of this article is simply to help you take those first steps towards wanting to learn how to box. So, here we go!

Be Relaxed

If you ever witnessed a boxing class, you can agree that picking up the newbies is quite an easy task. You immediately notice the tensed muscles, rigid punches and clenched jaws of the ones that are in the ring for the first time. Well, believe it or not, boxing is all about relaxation as your body needs to be relaxed in order to deliver best performances. Relaxed punches benefit of improved accuracy and speed. Also, remember not to clench your first before the moment of impact. It’s that last moment when you need to make a fist in order to deliver a powerful hit.

Learn How to Breathe

If you don’t control your breathing, you will run out of gas very fast. For example, when you’re hitting the bag the key is to take a big breath before every combination. Breathe out shortly after landing each punch. Applying this pattern will prevent you from getting tired as well as increase punching power. You need to practice breathing to be able to maintain the same process in the ring as well when an opponent is coming at you.

Don’t Forget About Footwork

Don’t be fooled by the fact that in boxing you only use your arms to strike. Footwork is one of the first things you will be practicing when entering a boxing gym. No matter if you’re practicing against the bag, sparring or hitting pads, try to stay light on your feet. Also, since we’re discussing footwork, you should know that angles are very important as well. Going back and forth during a boxing match will only mean you get tired faster. Instead, try leaning your body at 45 degrees in order to evade a punch. You will see that not only you save a lot of energy but you will find yourself in a great position for striking back.


With every training session, you will start to learn the combinations that you prefer. Working long combinations as a beginner will help you create a flow and see what works best for you. You need your punches to be unpredictable and that’s why you need to mix things up in your combinations. Targeting both the head and the body within a combination is usually a rewarding strategy. If you’re into online casinos as well, you might compare this strategy to a winning one at 24 pokies Australian online casino.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Yes, boxing is a very competitive sport by nature and getting ready for it is pretty intense stuff. However, if you don’t mix some fun into it, you won’t be able to get the results you want. Applied especially during sparring, having fun is a quick way to turn every training in a moment you are looking forward to. Remember, the goal is to enjoy yourself and improve at the same time so being confident and sparring with a smile on your face will eventually lead to that. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, all the in-depth tips and tricks to turn an amateur into a pro boxer were left for the coaches that know their stuff better. However, applying these 5 tips will help you have a better attitude and approach on boxing altogether. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.