WATCH: Five times Floyd Mayweather was STUNNED, proved his HEART to COME BACK and WIN

WBN 03/07/2018

📸 Shaun Miller

Floyd Mayweather last fought in a boxing ring against Conor McGregor, a UFC fighter he defeated easily last August 26 in a contest most boxing purists would have liked to have never taken place. 

The 41 year-old won his 50th career contest without loss at the T-Mobile Arean in Las Vegas, with McGregor clearly out of his depth in what turned out to simply be a lucrative opportunity for both men.

As boxing seemingly waves goodbye to one of the greatest of all time, WBN looks back at five times Mayweather proved he didn’t just have the skills, but the heart to recover and win.

Fight 1 – Carlos Hernandez (2001)

Mayweather succumbed to a body attack, although attempted to pass off the knockdown as an injury. Mayweather eventually won via UD.

Fight 2 – DeMarcus Corley (2004)

Corley pressured Mayweather and attempted to take him out in the first six rounds by aiming power punches at the head. Mayweather was hurt, wobbled and bloody during the fight, but was able to see out a unanimous decision by scoring knockdowns of his own in the eighth and tenth.

Fight 3 – Zab Judah (2006)

A grudge match filled with hatred saw Mayweather touch down for the second time in his career, although referee Richard Steele failed to spot the canvas propping Mayweather up. Once again, Mayweather showed he had great powers of recovery, withstanding a further barrage from Judah to see out another UD.

Fight 4 – Shane Mosley (2010)

Arguably the most shaken Mayweather has been without going down, Mosley planted a textbook shot on Floyd’s chin in the second round. Mayweather was able to regroup and dominate once more by UD.

Fight 5 – Marcos Maidana (2014)

The hard-hitting Argentinian was unlucky to have caught Mayweather with his best punch of their 24 shared rounds right on the bell at the end of the third round of the rematch. Mayweather stumbled to his corner, used the ropes to keep him up, but came back to take control in the second half on the fight and score his customary decision victory.

Watch the video put together by Fight Echo with footage from HBO and Showtime

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