Things You Probably Don’t Know About Anthony Joshua

WBN 03/07/2018

Lawrence Lustig

After going from amateur to ‘best in the world at the heavyweight category, Antony Joshua needs no introduction. 

That doesn’t mean that he does not have parts about his life that he’d rather keep away from the cameras.

Keep reading to find out 10 facts about the British boxing star that will surprise you, at least.

He Has Nigerian Roots

Yes, Anthony is born in the UK and there’s no denying that. He is a 100% UK citizen and he represents Great Britain all around the world with his boxing. But very few know about his Nigerian origins and the fact that both of his parents are from the African country. But wait, there’s more!

Anthony even spent some time in Nigeria when he was a child and even has a tattoo on the right arm representing the geographical contour of Nigeria. Now the sporting analysts might have an easier time figuring out where all his stamina is coming from.

Late Bloomer

Most athletes, especially boxers, start their path right from an early age. Childhood is a very important moment in the forming of a future champion. However, Joshua only picked up boxing when he turned 18 years old. Another interesting fact about his path is that 2 years after that he turned down a 50,000-pound offer to go professional. He motivated his choice saying that he is not interested about the money, he’s all about the medals.

He is An Official MBE

All the way back in 2013, his merits for what was already a great boxing career were recognized. He became a Member of the British Empire for the way he represented his country in competitions and all the successful fights he’d been into.

Anthony Shares a Record with Joe Frazier

Joshua is the only boxer in history that shares a record with the legendary Joe Frazier. Both Anthony and Joe become world heavyweight champions while also being reigning Olympic heavyweight champions at the time. This is an historic feat even for a successful fighter like Anthony Joshua, especially since Joe Frazier was one of his idols when he picked up boxing.

And since we’re in the records category, he shared another one with James DeGale. They both managed to win a world title after getting the Olympic gold.

A Bit of a Bad Boy

9 years ago, Anthony Joshua was put on remand in Reading Prison for fighting on the street. Even though the circumstances of those events are not clear, Joshua was made to wear an electronic device on his ankle when he got released from prison. And just two years after he was pulled over only for the police to find him with 8oz of cannabis in his car. He got a 12-month community order and had to turn it 100 hours of unpaid work.

His Longest Fight Lasted 7 Rounds

In all his professional record, Joshua never lost a fight and even more than that, he never needed more than 7 rounds to finish his opponent. 17 professional fights he had so far with a spotless record of 17 Knock-Outs or Technical Knock-Outs. This makes his the most efficient heavyweight world champion and Wilder has plenty of reasons to be worried in case their fight is ever going to happen.

So, there are a few things lesser known about the current heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua. If his next big fight will ever take place, it’s only a matter of time and patience for their fans that could make time pass a lot easier by enjoying some online pokies at the Neosurf casinos Australia has to offer. No matter what’s your hobby besides watching boxing matches, make sure not miss all the news about this great champion and much more from the boxing world. Stay tuned to find out all the latest things going on.